3 Considerations When You're Wheelchair-Bound And Moving Into A Retirement Apartment

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If you're in a wheelchair and making the decision to move to an apartment in a village, there's no reason to feel confined. Plenty of opportunities are available to make it easier for wheelchair-bound people to access retirement apartments. But it pays to know what you should be looking for when considering a retirement apartment for yourself. Plan ahead of time and consider these factors.

Make Sure The Apartment Is On One Level

It's important that you choose an apartment on one level because you don't want to struggle with getting to multiple levels in a wheelchair. Even if each level has ramp access, it could be difficult trying to haul yourself up and down on a daily basis. This will allow you to navigate through any room in your apartment without any struggle. The one-level apartment should also be wide enough to accommodate your furniture and your wheelchair movements, so keep this in mind when scouting for the right property for your needs. Dual-level apartments may look stunning, but they will not work for you from a practical point of view.

Ask For Specific Wheelchair-Focussed Customisations

Don't hesitate to ask for certain customisations to the apartment because convenience reigns supreme when you're in a wheelchair. For example, you may want lower countertops in the bathroom and kitchen to help you better use these areas while sitting in the wheelchair. The shower should have enough space to accommodate the wheelchair, along with lower showerheads and towel bars. Drawers and cabinets should be at waist-level so that you don't have to try to get up or bend down to access them. See if you can get these customisations made before you move into the apartment to avoid any inconvenience.

Get A Backyard With The Apartment

If possible, look for an apartment that comes with a backyard. This allows you to use the outdoors without worrying too much about being in a wheelchair. If you're stuck in an apartment without easy outdoor access, you may end up feeling claustrophobic because you're always indoors and rarely out. An easy maintenance backyard allows you to relax outside without having to worry about getting out of your house. Always make sure access to the backyard is either on the same level or via a small ramp – but never steps.                                                 

If you are looking for retirement properties on your own or seeking help from a loved one, make sure you let them know exactly what you need for greater convenience.

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