3 Questions To Ask Your Real Estate Agent

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A real estate agent is your point person when purchasing a property. Most people leave the bulk of the work to their real estate agent. However, it is always wise to make some inquiries to ensure you fully comprehend the property search and buying process. Below are some questions to ask your real estate agent as you contract them to purchase you a property. 

1. What are the prevailing real estate trends? 

Real estate trends are not a concern for most buyers. However, it is essential to assess these trends since they significantly affect your new home's functionality, appeal, demand, and value. Besides, it would be disheartening if you have to make significant renovations to modernise your home a few months after purchase. Your agent provides information regarding the prevailing real estate trends.

For instance, most buyers would want homes with independent or detached guest wings that they can rent out. Moreover, most people prefer open spaces to make the property look spacious. Energy efficiency and sustainability are also upcoming trends in the construction and real estate sectors. The rule is to ensure the property meets these criteria. 

2. Is it possible to get a customised house?

Your personal tastes and needs could compel you to purchase a customised home. For instance, you might need an elevator if you have a disabled family member. Moreover, you might need recreational facilities such as heated pools, a theatre, a game room, or a deck. Your agent should inform you about the various options on the market. For instance, they could recommend that you purchase an off-the-plan property. It is an opportunity to customise the property to your tastes before its completion.

Alternatively, the real estate agent could work with property flippers open to customising homes under renovation. If you are in a hurry to purchase property, the agent could ask you to compromise some features and consider them in a future upgrade.  

3. What development regulations apply in the area? 

It is wise to acquaint yourself with development regulations. Remember, these laws affect how you can use the property. The real estate agent should inform you about the permitted renovations. For instance, are you allowed to add an extra floor? Can you change the fence? What permits do you need when improving the property? The agent should also inform you about easements. For example, if the neighbouring plot is vacant, you could consider an easement that prevents the new owner from building specific installations. 

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