Signs Indicative That Carpenter Ants have Overrun Your Property

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You may be assuming that carpenter ants are not a threat since they are not as devastatingly destructive as termites. However, you would be mistaken. Unlike termites, granted, carpenter ants will not cause immediate damage to the timber structures in your home. Nonetheless, with time, the carpenter ants progressively eat through any timber that is on your property, which will lead to severe degradation of the structures. And more nests on your property means there are more carpenter ants to accelerate the rate at which the destruction occurs. Fortunately, the sooner that you identify an infestation, the faster your local pest management services can mitigate the potential of harm. Check out the following signs that typically imply that carpenter ants have overrun your property.

Presence of large ants

It may seem that seeing ants scurrying about is one of the telltale signs to be wary of, but the truth is that by the time the carpenter ants are visibly perambulating on your property, it usually means that they have established numerous nests in your compound. Carpenter ants are more prominent in size than regular ants, so noticing regular black ants should not be alarming. But the moment you do see that numerous ants are foraging on your grounds, it does mean that their nests are nearby too.

Presence of frass

Unlike their termite counterparts, carpenter ants do not eat timber. Instead, they need the wood as a shelter because this is where they build their nests. When the carpenter ants begin to infest your timber structures, one of the signs that you will notice is powdery debris that looks quite similar to sawdust. This debris is produced when the carpenter ants excavate the wood using their mandibles. As the tunnels form, so does the debris, known as frass, which accumulates next to these wooden structures. While the presence of frass does indicate that you do not have termites on your hands, it still means you should seek pest management services to eradicate the carpenter ants.

Presence of subtle rustling sounds

Carpenter ants may seem too small to make any substantial noise in your home, but they do make some noise when they are building their nests in your timber walls. Although this sound can be very subtle, it is usually compared to the sound of crinkling paper. These noises can generally be heard through ceilings, walls or parts of your home that are made primarily out of timber. If you tap on one of the timber surfaces then hear some rustling when you put your ear to the surface, it's a sign you should hire pest control services.

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